Model Rules of Procedure for Administrative Hearings Law and Legal Definition

Model rules of procedure for administrative hearings refer to the general regulations governing administrative hearings apart from the specific regulations that govern each agency. The Attorney General will prepare model rules of procedure appropriate for use by as many agencies as possible. An agency can adopt all or part of the model rules by reference, without complying with the rulemaking procedures.

Model rules can be amended by an adopting agency or the Attorney General from time to time after serving notice and an opportunity for hearing as required by rulemaking procedures. All agencies must adopt rules of procedure that is to be utilized in the adoption of rules and conduct of proceedings in contested cases, or for the conduct of proceedings. Agencies are also required to adopt rules of procedure which will provide a reasonable opportunity for interested persons to be notified of the agency's intention to adopt, amend, or repeal a rule. [ORS § 183.341].