Motor Vehicle Warranty Adjustment Program Law and Legal Definition

A motor vehicle warranty adjustment program means any program or policy that extends a consumer's warranty beyond its stated limit. Under this program, a manufacturer offers to pay for all or any part of the cost of repairing, or to reimburse consumers for all or any part of the cost of repairing, that may substantially affect the vehicle’s durability, reliability, or performance.

The following is an example of the state statute (California) explaining the dealer’s duty under Motor vehicle warranty adjustment programs:

Cal Civ Code § 1795.91 lays down the duties of a dealer:

1.A dealer shall provide notice to prospective purchasers and lessees that provides information on how to get copies of service bulletins. Nothing in this notice shall be construed as an admission by the dealer or manufacturer of the existence or nonexistence of a vehicle defect.

2.A dealer shall disclose to a consumer seeking repairs for a particular condition at its repair shop, the principal terms and conditions of the manufacturer's adjustment program covering the condition if the dealer has received a service bulletin concerning the adjustment program.