Multiple-Class Application (Trademark) Law and Legal Definition

Multiple-class application is an application for federal trademark registration in which the applicant seeks registration for more than one international class. Often applications are submitted with payment for one class, although many classes are available. This will be ‘flushed out’ by the Examining Attorney during the review process. Choosing multiple classes has some incidental costs at a later stage. When a mark is used only in some of the classes in the application, the application should be divided to split the application between the classes actually used and the remaining classes unused. When a use is split within a class, there will be an additional fee. It is often best to claim as many classes as possible, if the business person is going to immediately use all of the goods claimed in all classes well before the 6 month deadline after allowance. Otherwise, it is the best protection to make the claims. However, it can get very expensive when there is dividing and extending in a multi-class application.