Municipal Clerk Law and Legal Definition

Duties by locality vary, but generally, the clerk of cities and towns attends the meetings of the council and keeps a record of its proceedings. He or she has the custody of the rules, ordinances and resolutions of the council and keeps a record of them when adopted by the council. The clerk also has the custody of the city or town seal.

The clerk submits all claims, requisitions and demands against the city or town to the council at its next regular meeting for its approval, unless already provided for by ordinance or resolution, and upon its being approved by the council and the passage of ordinances carries it into effect when necessary, Before issuing any payment request upon the treasurer, the clerk audits the claim, certifies to its correctness and keeps a record of the claim.

The clerk keeps such other accounts as may be necessary to show the financial condition of the municipality and of each department thereof at all times. The clerk also issues all licenses unless otherwise provided by ordinance, receiving the money therefor, and pays the same over to the city treasurer.