Municipal Function Law and Legal Definition

Municipal functions are the exercise of those powers by a municipality which specially and peculiarly promote the comfort, convenience, safety, and happiness of the citizens of the municipality, rather than the welfare of the general public.

“All functions of a municipal corporation, not governmental, are strictly municipal. Municipal functions are those granted for the specific benefit and advantage of the urban community embraced within the corporated boundaries. Under this class of functions are included, in most jurisdictions, the proper care of streets and alleys, parks and other public places, and the erection and maintenance of public utilities and improvements generally. In this character the corporation stands for the community in the administration of local affairs wholly beyond the sphere of the public purposes for which its governmental powers are conferred”. [Chardkoff Junk Co. v. Tampa, 102 Fla. 501, 506 (Fla. 1931)].