Musical Performance Contract Law and Legal Definition

A musical performance contract (“Contract”) can also be called a booking agreement. In this Contract, a person is securing in writing that a person hiring for a musical performance will provide for the musicians. These types of contracts can be variable, but still this Contract is necessary for certain essentials to make sure that the promoter agree on everything. The most basic elements to a music performance contract indicate where the music performance will take place and at what time. Without a Contract to state this in writing, a conflict might arise if you happen to arrive at a different place or time and the promoter says you were in the wrong. Verbal agreements ultimately have elements that can sometimes be forgotten by either side. It is important to describe exactly what you’ll be doing during your performance so there isn’t a conflict with the promoter the minute you arrive. This element of a music performance contract needs to be especially clear. Cancellations may be rare, but the chances are always there when performing on the road.