Palentological Resources Preservation Act Law and Legal Definition

The Palentological Resources Preservation Act (“Act”) is federal legislation providing management and protection to palentological resources on federal land using scientific principles and expertise. The Act also helps in developing appropriate plans for inventory, monitoring, and the scientific and educational use of paleontological resources, in accordance with applicable agency laws, regulations, and policies. Additionally, these plans emphasize interagency coordination and collaborative efforts with non-federal partners, the scientific community, and the general public.

The Act provides for public awareness and education program for the purpose of increasing public awareness about the significance of paleontological resources. In general, the Act prohibits a person to excavate, remove, damage, or otherwise alter any paleontological resources located on federal land. Hence, the Act makes a person civilly or criminally liable for any violation of provisions of the Act.[16 USCS § 470aaa-5].