Parental Supervision Law and Legal Definition

Parental supervision means the looking after, or monitoring a child's activities by a parent. The presence or absence of parental supervision is one of the factors that the court considers while determining the lawfulness of the seizure of a child from his/her parents. The other factors that the court considers along with parental supervision includes the available time to obtain a court order, the risk that a parent might flee with the child, the availability of less extreme solutions, and any harm to the child that might arise from the removal, the nature of the danger facing the child (its severity, duration, frequency, and imminence), and the strength of the evidence supporting immediate removal. The most basic form of parental supervision includes keeping away children from dangerous objects and situations and hurting themselves or others. Parental supervision also helps to protect children from violent or pornographic imagery. With the advent of internet parental supervision also includes supervision on the time that children spend accessing the Internet. Some parents even educate their children on the use internet as part of parental supervision.