Park Visitor Services Law and Legal Definition

According to 36 CFR 51.3 [Title 36 -- Parks, Forests, And Public Property; Chapter I -- National Park Service, Department of The Interior; Part 51 -- Concession Contracts; Subpart B -- General Definitions], park visitor services means “accommodations, facilities and services determined by the Director as necessary and appropriate for public use and enjoyment of a park area provided to park area visitors for a fee or charge by a person other than the Director. The fee or charge paid by the visitor may be direct or indirect as part of the provision of comprehensive visitor services (e.g., when a lodging concessioner may provide free transportation services to guests). Visitor services may include, but are not limited to, lodging, campgrounds, food service, merchandising, tours, recreational activities, guiding, transportation, and equipment rental. Visitor services also include the sale of interpretive materials or the conduct of interpretive programs for a fee or charge to visitors.”