Partner Institution [Education] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 20 USCS § 1021 (17) [Title 20. Education; Chapter 28. Higher Education Resources and Student Assistance; Teacher Quality Enhancement], the term partner institution means “an institution of higher education, which may include a two-year institution of higher education offering a dual program with a four-year institution of higher education, participating in an eligible partnership that has a teacher preparation program--

(A) whose graduates exhibit strong performance on State-determined qualifying assessments for new teachers through--

(i) demonstrating that 80 percent or more of the graduates of the program who intend to enter the field of teaching have passed all of the applicable State qualification assessments for new teachers, which shall include an assessment of each prospective teacher's subject matter knowledge in the content area in which the teacher intends to teach; or

(ii) being ranked among the highest-performing teacher preparation programs in the State as determined by the State--

(I) using criteria consistent with the requirements for the State report card under section 205(b) [20 USCS § 1025(b)] before the first publication of such report card; and

(II) using the State report card on teacher preparation required under section 205(b) [20 USCS § 1025(b)], after the first publication of such report card and for every year thereafter; and

(B) that requires--

(i) each student in the program to meet high academic standards or demonstrate a record of success, as determined by the institution (including prior to entering and being accepted into a program), and participate in intensive clinical experience;

(ii) each student in the program preparing to become a teacher to become highly qualified; and

(iii) each student in the program preparing to become an early childhood educator to meet degree requirements, as established by the State, and become highly competent.”