Partners for Recovery Law and Legal Definition

Partners for Recovery (PFR) is an initiative that addresses issues of national significance. It serves individuals, families, and communities. It is sponsored by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment within the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The PFR Initiative supports and provides technical resources to those who deliver services for the prevention and treatment of substance use conditions and co-occurring mental health and seeks to build capacity and improve services and systems of care.

Some important activities of the PFR are:

Building next generation of leaders in the addictions treatment and recovery field.

Helping and supporting the development of Systems of Care to support individual, family, and community recovery.

Fostering collaboration among the various systems that impact those with substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions. For example, primary care, child welfare, criminal justice.

Equipping recovering individuals, providers, State and local governments, and other stakeholders with the tools to respond to stigma;

Building and implementing a comprehensive strategy to address workforce issues for the addictions treatment and recovery field.