Patent Lens Law and Legal Definition

Patent lens is a worldwide open-access online patent search facility and knowledge resource. This facility is provided by Cambia, an independent, international non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing innovation.

Patent lens was launched in 2000, since then it provides online access to free full-text patent informatics resource. It provides access to U.S. patents and applications, Australian patents and applications, European patents, and applications filed pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The patent lens is the only non-profit facility of its kind, with international coverage and links to non-patent literature and tutorials. Searches on patent lens may be performed using different search variables. Searches may be performed by entering full-text, title, abstract, inventor, applicant/assignee, publication number and filing number. Lapsed, abandoned, or expired U.S. patents can also be searched using the INPADOC patent status and family information service.