Patient Safety Activities Law and Legal Definition

According to 42 USCS § 299b-21 [Title 42. The Public Health and Welfare; Chapter 6A. The Public Health Service; Agency for Health Care Research and Quality; Patient Safety Improvement], patient safety activities means the following activities:

“(A) Efforts to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery.

(B) The collection and analysis of patient safety work product.

(C) The development and dissemination of information with respect to improving patient safety, such as recommendations, protocols, or information regarding best practices.

(D) The utilization of patient safety work product for the purposes of encouraging a culture of safety and of providing feedback and assistance to effectively minimize patient risk.

(E) The maintenance of procedures to preserve confidentiality with respect to patient safety work product.

(F) The provision of appropriate security measures with respect to patient safety work product.

(G) The utilization of qualified staff.

(H) Activities related to the operation of a patient safety evaluation system and to the provision of feedback to participants in a patient safety evaluation system.”