Peaceful Contact Order Law and Legal Definition

Peaceful contact order refers to a type of restraining order issued in domestic violence cases to a person by the court allowing the restrained person to contact the protected person as long as all contact is peaceful.

The effect of peaceful contact order is that the restrained person can live with the protected person. A restrained person cannot hit, grab, throw things, damage property, or pull the phone cord out of the wall; knock over, or break furniture; swear at, or about, the protected person; tear up important papers; stop the protected person from leaving the house; make threats to hit, harm or kill the protected person; argue with the protected person or a family member; argue or shout so loud that the neighbors are disturbed; have friends come over and do any of the above; and not do anything that makes the protected person, or the family, frightened, hurt, injured, upset, or disturbed.