Perceive Law and Legal Definition

Perceive means to obtain knowledge of through senses, to apprehend by the mind, to be convinced of by direct intuition, to understand, to see etc.

Example of a state statute ( California) using the word Perceive.

Cal Civ Code § 51.5 Discrimination by business establishment prohibited

“(a) No business establishment of any kind whatsoever shall discriminate against, boycott or blacklist, or refuse to buy from, contract with, sell to, or trade with any person in this state on account of any characteristic listed or defined in subdivision (b) or (e) of Section 51, or of the person's partners, members, stockholders, directors, officers, managers, superintendents, agents, employees, business associates, suppliers, or customers, because the person is perceived to have one or more of those characteristics, or because the person is associated with a person who has, or is perceived to have, any of those characteristics.