Permit Law and Legal Definition

Permit refers to a written or oral authorization to do something. It is a certificate or document evidencing permission; a license. For example, a gun permit.

Permit also means:

  • To give permission or to consent formally. For example, permit the sale of alcoholic beverages.
  • To give opportunity or possibility for. For example, lax security permitted the escape.
  • To allow or admit of. For example, if the law so permits.

The following is an example of a Federal Statute defining the term Permit :

According to 7 USCS § 7702 (Title 7, Agriculture; Chapter 104, Plant Protection Act), the term "permit" means “a written or oral authorization, including by electronic methods, by the Secretary to move plants, plant products, biological control organisms, plant pests, noxious weeds, or articles under conditions prescribed by the Secretary.” (7 USCS § 7702)