Pesticides Monitoring Improvments Act Law and Legal Definition

The Pesticide Monitoring Improvements Act (“Act”) is a federal legislation that monitors food products for pesticide residues. The Act also identifies gaps in its pesticide monitoring program that monitors:


2. food products, and

3. food from specific countries and from domestic sources.

The Act detects trends in the presence of pesticide residues in food products and identify public health problems emerging from the occurrence of pesticide residues in food products. It also focuses its testing resources for monitoring pesticide residues in food on detecting those residues which pose a public health concern. Pursuant to 21 USCS § 1403, the following are the purposes of the Act:

1.To develop a new and improved analytical methods that is capable of detecting at one time the presence of multiple pesticide residues in food,

2.To make rapid pesticide analytical methods,

3.To conduct a review to determine the use of rapid pesticide analytical methods to improve the cost-effectiveness of monitoring pesticide residues.