Petroleum Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 500.2 [Title 10 Energy; Chapter II Department of Energy; Subchapter E Alternate Fuels; Part 500 Definitions], the term petroleum means “crude oil and products derived from crude oil, other than:

(1) Petroleum products specifically designated as alternate fuels pursuant to these regulations;

(2) Synthetic gas derived from crude oil;

(3) Liquid petroleum gas;

(4) Petroleum coke or waste gases from industrial operations; and

(5) A liquid, solid, or gaseous waste by-product of refinery operations which is commercially unmarketable under the definition of "commercial unmarketability" in these rules.”

Note: For the purposes of this subparagraph, waste by-proucts do not include components (such as butane and propane) that can be extracted from the waste by-product by reasonable further processing of the waste by-product at the refinery, nor do they include final products that use the waste by-product as a blend stock at the refinery.