Physical Education Facility Law and Legal Definition

A physical education facility is a facility designed for an instructional program in physical education. Physical education is an all encompassing term, including fitness, skills, movement, dance, recreation, health, games and sports, plus the appropriate values and knowledge of each. However, pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 20-2-260, a physical education facility exclude any spectator stands, lobbies, public restrooms, concession areas, or space normally identified to serve only the interscholastic athletic program in which the school participates.

The Physical Education and Sports Program's learning environment suggests that facilities must be made available to children engaged in large-muscle activity involving climbing, jumping, skipping, kicking, throwing, leaping and catching. Proper facilities must be provided to those engaged in fundamental motor skills activities, and others in low organization games, various cooperatives, team activities, and competition.

Proper physical education facility includes:

(1)facilities and equipment to ensure the safety and health of the athletes;

(2)provision of protective equipment;

(3)basic equipment to all Infant and elementary schools including: balls, skipping ropes, cones, hoops, bean bags, and bats;

(4)showers and change rooms at every secondary school;

(5)playing space as well as facilities for climbing, crawling, jumping in all Kindergarten Schools; and

(6)provisions for indoor sporting facilities/infrastructure.