Physician Assistant Education Program Law and Legal Definition

A physician assistant education program means an educational program imparted through a public or private institution in a state to make a physician assistant capable of practicing medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician. It imparts training in conducting physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, order and interpretation of tests, counseling on preventive health care, assistance in surgery, and writing prescriptions. Physician assistant education program makes a physician assistant eligible of preventing, maintaining, and treating human illness and injury by providing a broad range of health care services that are traditionally performed by a physician.

The following is an example of a federal statute defining the term:

According to 42 USCS § 295p (3), the term "physician assistant education program" is defined as an educational program in a public or private institution in a state that:

(A) has as its objective the education of individuals who, upon completion of their studies in the program, be qualified to provide primary care medical services with the supervision of a physician; and

(B) is accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant.