Playgrounds Law and Legal Definition

A playground is defined by local laws, which vary, but is generally defined as an improved area that is designed, equipped, and set aside for children's play. A playground may be defined to exclude an improved area intended for use as an athletic playing field, athletic court, or skateboarding park. Playgrounds are governed primarily by local laws, which may impose various requirements regarding child safety and accessibility. Guidelines exist to specify the requirements for furnishing and installing manufactured playground equipment in children's outdoor play areas.

The following is an example of a local law governing playgrounds:

"The department shall adopt rules for the installation, inspection, and maintenance of the surfacing used in playgrounds operated or maintained by a public agency.

The rules shall provide surfacing guidelines and criteria as necessary to provide a degree of protection for playground users that is at least equivalent to the degree provided in the guidelines published by the United States consumer product safety commission in the most recently issued handbook for public playground safety. The department shall give consideration to any successor publication to the handbook published by the consumer product safety commission and the department shall apply requirements deemed to provide a greater degree of protection when the federal guidelines are deemed by the department to provide inadequate protection."