Point of Discharge [Public Health] Law and Legal Definition

Point of discharge in relation to effluent removal means the point at which the affluent from a facility sewage disposal system curtain drain enters a public ditch, discharges to the surface of the ground, or to a body of water. It is the point of discharge of the pollutant-containing effluent.

The following is an example of a state law (Texas) on point of discharge:

In considering the issuance of a permit to discharge effluent comprised primarily of sewage or municipal waste into any body of water that crosses or abuts any park, playground, or schoolyard within one mile of the point of discharge, the commission shall consider any unpleasant qualities of the effluent, including unpleasant odor, and any possible adverse effects that the discharge of the effluent might have on the recreational value of the park, playground, or schoolyard. [Tex. Water Code § 26.030].