Poll Watcher Law and Legal Definition

A poll watcher is someone who is appointed by a candidate or a political party to observe the election day procedures.

Pursuant to 25 CFR 90.33, “any candidate or political party may name a person to act as watcher and challenger at any election provided for by the regulations in this part. Each watcher and challenger shall be appointed in writing by the candidate or political party he or she represents. The watchers and challengers shall have the right to be present in the polling place but outside the voting booths and to watch the election officials, the balloting, the call, the tally, and the recording of the result of the vote. It shall be the duty of the watcher to watch, listen, and observe the count for all candidates voted for to insist upon an honest and fair count but shall have no further authority than to have the election judges and clerks note or record any objections to the count and to challenge the result thereof. The challenger shall have the right to question any voter and his right to vote. Watchers shall not divulge or give out any intimation or information as to the count prior to announcement by the election board and shall be subject to the same rules governing the election board with regard to leaving and returning to the polling place. A watcher or challenger shall receive no compensation for his services.”