Postmasters Equity Act of 2003 Law and Legal Definition

Postmasters Equity Act is a U.S. legislation that amends Chapter 10 of Title 39 of the United States Code, to include postmasters and postmasters’ organizations in the process for the development and planning of certain policies, schedules, and programs, and for other purposes. The Act give the postmasters the option of fact finding rather than binding arbitration if the postmasters management associations and the Postal Service are unable to reach agreement on specific issues. Fact finding allows an unbiased review of the issues in dispute and the issuance of non-binding recommendations. Further, extending the option of fact finding to postmasters enables them to take a more active and constructive role in managing their individual post offices and discussing compensation issues with the Postal Service. It provides postmasters of the U.S. Postal Service the same rights as postal supervisors regarding the negotiation of pay, benefits, and other personnel issues.