Pre Sentence Report Law and Legal Definition

A Pre-sentence Report is asked for by the Magistrates / Judge at a Court to help them best decide on the most suitable way of dealing with anyone convicted of an offence.

A full report should normally contain the following items:

  1. A complete description of the offense and circumstances surrounding it, not limited to the aspects developed for the record as part of the determination of guilt.
  2. A statement from the victim and a description of the victim's status, the impact upon the victim, losses suffered by the victim and restitution due the victim.
  3. A full description of any prior criminal record of the offender.
  4. A description of the educational background of the offender.
  5. A description of the employment background of the offender, including military record and including his present employment status, financial status and capabilities.
  6. The social history of the offender, including family relationships, marital status, interests and activities, residence history and religious affiliations.
  7. The offender's medical history and, if desirable, a psychological or psychiatric report.
  8. Information about environments to which the offender might return or to which he could be sent should probation be granted.
  9. Supplementary reports from clinics, institutions and other social agencies with which the offender has been involved.
  10. Information about special resources which might be available to assist the offender, such as treatment centers, residential facilities, vocational training services, special educational facilities, rehabilitation programs of various institutions in which the offender might be committed, special programs in the probation department and other similar programs which are particularly relevant to the offender's situation.