Presidential Historical Materials Law and Legal Definition

According to 36 CFR 1275.16 (Title 36, Parks, Forests, and Public Property: chapter XII, National Archives and Records Administration; Subchapter F, Nixon Presidential Materials; Part 1275; Preservation and Protection of and Access to the Presidential Historical Materials of the Nixon Administration; Subpart A; General Provisions), the term Presidential historical materials (also referred to as historical materials and materials) shall mean “all papers, correspondence, documents, pamphlets, books, photographs, films, motion pictures, sound and video recordings, machine-readable media, plats, maps, models, pictures, works of art, and other objects or materials made or received by former President Richard M. Nixon or by members of his staff in connection with his constitutional or statutory powers or duties as President and retained or appropriate for retention as evidence of or information about these powers or duties. Included in this definition are materials relating to the political activities of former President Nixon or members of his staff, but only when those activities directly relate to or have a direct effect upon the carrying out of constitutional or statutory powers or duties. Excluded from this definition are documentary materials of any type that are determined to be the official records of an agency of the Government; private or personal materials; stocks of publications, processed documents, and stationery; and extra copies of documents produced only for convenience or reference when they are clearly so identified.”