Prison Law and Legal Definition

Prisons exist at the state and federal levels. The Federal Bureau of Prisons aims to ensure the physical safety of all inmates through a controlled environment which meets each inmate’s need for security through the elimination of violence, predatory behavior, gang activity, drug use, and inmate weapons. Through the provision of health care, mental, spiritual, educational, vocational and work programs, inmates are prepared for a productive and crime free return to society. Inmates are classified into these different facilities based on the inmate's needs and the custody (security risk) of the inmate.

Some of the issues prisons deal with include:

  • Institution Designation and Orientation
  • Classification and Unit Management
  • Work Programs
  • Education, Vocational Training, and Job Training
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Health Care Services
  • Mental Health Treatment and Counseling
  • Religious Programs
  • Personal Property
  • Visiting, Telephones, and Correspondence
  • Temporary Releases From Custody
  • Release and Employment Preparation