Private Noncustodial Agency Law and Legal Definition

Private noncustodial agency is a person, organization, association, or society certified by the department of job and family services, that does not accept temporary or permanent legal custody of children. Pursuant to ORC Ann. 2151.011, a private non custodial agency carries out the following activities:

receives and cares for children for two or more consecutive weeks;

participates in the placement of children in certified foster homes;

provides adoption services in conjunction with a public children services agency or private child placing agency.

Additionally, the agency condition the enrollment of a prospective foster caregiver or foster caregiver, in the program on the following:

availability of space in the training program;

payment of an instruction or registration fee, if any, by the prospective foster caregiver or foster caregiver's recommending agency;

contract with a person or governmental entity to administer the program.