Private Nonprofit Facility (PNP Facility) Law and Legal Definition

Private nonprofit facility ((PNP facility) means private nonprofit educational facility, utility facility, irrigation facility, emergency facility, medical facility, rehabilitation facility, temporary or permanent custodial care facilities including those providing service for the aged and disabled. It includes the following:

a. facilities that provide essential governmental services that are open to the general public such as museums, zoos, performing arts facilities, community arts centers, libraries, homeless shelters, senior citizen centers, rehabilitation facilities, shelter workshops; and

b. facilities that provide health and safety services of a governmental nature including low-income housing alcohol and drug treatment centers, residences and other facilities offering programs for battered spouses, animal control facilities directly related to public health and safety, facilities offering food programs for the needy, daycare centers for children, and daycare centers for individuals with special needs such as those with Alzheimer's disease, autism, or muscular dystrophy.