Proctor Law and Legal Definition

In legal context, the term 'proctor' refers to an attorney or solicitor acting in some courts. S/he is a person appointed to manage the affairs of another, or to represent another in a judgment.

In old English law, proctor means an attorney who practiced in the ecclesiastical and admiralty courts. Proctor is also known as procurator who performed duties similar to those of solicitors in ordinary courts of England. The proctor acts as an agent of the client, legally entitled to perform all actions that the client could have performed. The instrument that authorized a proctor or procurator to act was called a procuracy. The title of proctor was merged with that of solicitor long back.

The term proctor is used in the U.S. to designate practitioners in probate and admiralty courts.

Proctor, in the context of education refers to a high official in certain universities, or to any teacher or other staff member of educational institutions who supervises a test or an exam.

In the context of church, a proctor represents the clergy in Church of England dioceses.