Professional Boxing Safety Act Law and Legal Definition

The Professional Boxing Safety Act ("Act") is a federal legislation that protects the welfare of professional boxers. It is established pursuant to 15 USCS § 6301. The Act provides improvement and expansion of the safety system precautions. The Act also establishes state boxing commissions to provide proper oversight for the professional boxing industry in the U.S. The Act guarantees promotional rights under mandatory bout contracts. Under this Act, boxing service provider may not require a boxer to grant any future promotional rights as a requirement of competing in a professional boxing match that is a mandatory bout under the rules of a sanctioning organization.

The Act prohibits arrangement, and organization of fight in a professional boxing match without meeting each of the following requirements that provides equivalent protection of the health and safety of boxers:

1.A physical examination of each boxer by a physician certifying whether or not the boxer is physically fit to safely compete, copies of which must be provided to the boxing commission;

2.An ambulance or medical personnel with appropriate resuscitation equipment continuously present on site;

3.A physician continuously present at ringside;

4.Health insurance for each boxer to provide medical coverage for any injuries sustained in the match.