Professional Negotiation Program Law and Legal Definition

Professional negotiation program is a fast-growing method that helps a debtor to avoid bankruptcy and to get out of his/her debt in a timely manner. In a professional negotiation program the debtor will first find out a suitable and well experienced settlement company. A debtor can find such a company by joining the debt relief network. Once a settlement company is found by the debtor, the debtor shall disclose all his/her financial obligations and the difficulties to the company. Then the professional negotiators in that company will advice, as the very first step, the debtor to stop paying to the company. Once the repayment is stopped, the negotiator will start direct discussions with the company. The professional negotiation program will then explain all financial difficulties of the debtor to the banker. The results of such discussions will be a favorable settlement deal. If the debtor owes more than $10000 as credit card debt, through the professional negotiation program, s/he can eliminate more than 50% of such debt.