Program-Registered Providers Law and Legal Definition

The term program-registered provider means any health care provider who is licensed, and has the authority to administer pediatric vaccines to children under the law of the state in which the administration occurs without regard to whether or not the provider participates in the health care plan. Program-registered providers will submit to the state an executed provider agreement in which they agree that, before administering a qualified pediatric vaccine to a child, the provider will ask the parent of a child such questions as are necessary to determine whether the child is a vaccine-eligible child. [42 USCS § 1396s].

The program-registered provider will maintain records of responses made by the parents to the questions asked by him/her for a period of time specified by the secretary, and the provider will upon request make such records available to the state and to the cecretary.

The program-registered provider must not violate the provider agreement and other applicable requirements established by the secretary or the state.