Propane Education and Research Act Law and Legal Definition

The Propane Education and Research Act ("Act") is a federal legislation regulating the production, transportation, and sale of propane, and in the manufacture and distribution of propane utilization equipment, in the U.S. It is established pursuant to 15 USCS § 6402. The Act establishes a Propane Education and Research Council ("Council"). Pursuant to 15 USCS § 6404, the council consist of 21 members, with 9 members representing retail marketers, 9 members representing producers, and 3 public members.

The following are the functions of the Council:

1.The Council develops programs and projects and enter into contracts or agreements for implementing this Act;

2.The Council includes programs to enhance consumer and employee safety;

3.The Council facilitates for training in order to provide for research and development of clean and efficient propane utilization equipment ;

4.The council informs and educates the public about safety and other issues associated with the use of propane; and

5.The Council coordinate its activities with industry trade association and others as appropriate to provide efficient delivery of services and to avoid unnecessary duplication of activities.