Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Law and Legal Definition

According to 6 CFR 29.2 [Title 6. Homeland Security; Chapter I. Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Secretary; Part 29. Protected Critical Infrastructure Information], the term 'protected critical infrastructure information,' or PCII,means “validated CII, including information covered by 6 CFR 29.6(b) and (f), including the identity of the submitting person or entity and any person or entity on whose behalf the submitting person or entity submits the CII, that is voluntarily submitted, directly or indirectly, to DHS, for its use regarding the security of critical infrastructure and protected systems, analysis, warning, interdependency study, recovery, reconstitution, or other appropriate purpose, and any information, statements, compilations or other materials reasonably necessary to explain the CII, put the CII in context, describe the importance or use of the CII, when accompanied by an express statement as described in 6 CFR 29.5.”