Psychological Services Law and Legal Definition

According to 32 CFR 57.3 [Title 32 National Defense; Subtitle A Department of Defense; Chapter I Office of the Secretary Of Defense; Subchapter D Personnel, Military and Civilian; Part 57 Provision of Early Intervention and Special Education Services to Eligible DoD Dependent], Psychological Services means services that include the following:

(1) Administering psychological and educational tests and other assessment procedures.

(2) Interpreting test and assessment results.

(3) Obtaining, integrating, and interpreting information about a child's behavior and conditions relating to learning.

(4) Consulting with other staff members, including service providers, to plan programs to meet the special needs of children, as indicated by psychological tests, interviews, and behavioral evaluations.

(5) Planning and managing a program of psychological services, including psychological counseling for children and parents, family counseling, consultation on child development, parent training, and education programs.