Public Transit Enhancement Law and Legal Definition

According to 49 USCS § 5302 [Title 49. Transportation; Subtitle III. General and Intermodal Programs; Chapter 53. Public Transportation], public transit enhancement means, "with respect to any project or an area to be served by a project, projects that are designed to enhance public transportation service or use and that are physically or functionally related to transit facilities. Eligible projects are:

(A) historic preservation, rehabilitation, and operation of historic public transportation buildings, structures, and facilities (including historic bus and railroad facilities);

(B) bus shelters;

(C) landscaping and other scenic beautification, including tables, benches, trash receptacles, and street lights;

(D) public art;

(E) pedestrian access and walkways;

(F) bicycle access, including bicycle storage facilities and installing equipment for transporting bicycles on public transportation vehicles;

(G) transit connections to parks within the recipient's transit service area;

(H) signage; and

(I) enhanced access for persons with disabilities to public transportation."