Qualified Production Law and Legal Definition

Qualified production is referred to the productions made by a qualified production company.

The following is an example of a state statute (Alabama) defining Qualified production.

Code of Ala. § 41-7A-42(8). Qualified Production.

. a. The term means entertainment content created in whole or in part within the state, including motion pictures; soundtracks for motion pictures; documentaries; long-form, specials, miniseries, series, sound recordings, videos and music videos, and interstitials television programming; interactive television; interactive games; video games; commercials; infomercials; any format of digital media, including an interactive website that is intended for national or international distribution or exhibition to the general public; and any trailer, pilot, video teaser, or demo created primarily to stimulate the sale, marketing, promotion, or exploitation of future investment in either a product or a qualified production via any means and media in any digital media format, film, or videotape, provided such program meets all the underlying criteria of a qualified production.

b. The term does not include any ongoing television program created primarily as news, weather, or financial market reports, a production featuring current events, sporting events, an awards show or other gala event, a production whose sole purpose is fund-raising, a long-form production that primarily markets a product or service, a production used for corporate training or in-house corporate advertising or other similar productions; nor does the term include any production for which records are required to be maintained under 18 U.S.C.S. § 2257 with respect to sexually explicit content; nor does the term mean or include any form of gambling, gaming, wagering, or pari-mutuel wagering activity or enterprise.