Qualified Psychologist Services Law and Legal Definition

The term qualified psychologist services refers to services and supplies such as counseling and treatment for addictions and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues, confidential therapy for marriage counseling and relationship problems, employee assistance programs (EAP), critical incident and trauma responses, seminars and trainings for businesses, and mental health services furnished by a clinical psychologist who is legally authorized to perform such services under state law and which are incidental to his service.

The term "qualified psychologist services" is defined under 42 USCS § 1395x (hh)(ii) as such services and such services and supplies furnished as an incident to his service furnished by a clinical psychologist (as defined by the Secretary) which the psychologist is legally authorized to perform under State law (or the State regulatory mechanism provided by State law) as would otherwise be covered if furnished by a physician or as an incident to a physician's service.