Qualified Written Notice of Allocation Law and Legal Definition

According to 26 USCS § 1388 [Title 26. Internal Revenue Code; Subtitle A. Income Taxes; Chapter 1. Normal Taxes And Surtaxes; Subchapter T. Cooperatives And Their Patrons; Part III. Definitions; Special Rules], the term "qualified written notice of allocation" means--

"(A) a written notice of allocation which may be redeemed in cash at its stated dollar amount at any time within a period beginning on the date such written notice of allocation is paid and ending not earlier than 90 days from such date, but only if the distributee receives written notice of the right of redemption at the time he receives such written notice of allocation; and

(B) a written notice of allocation which the distributee has consented, in the manner provided in paragraph (2), to take into account at its stated dollar amount as provided in section 1385(a) [26 USCS § 1385(a)].

Such term does not include any written notice of allocation which is paid as part of a patronage dividend or as part of a payment described in section 1382(c)(2)(A) [26 USCS § 1382(c)(2)(A)], unless 20 percent or more of the amount of such patronage dividend, or such payment, is paid in money or by qualified check."