SAFE ID Act Law and Legal Definition

SAFE ID Act is the abbreviation for Secure Authentication Feature and Enhanced Identification Defense Act of 2003. The Act is designed to prevent the creation of false, misleading or inaccurate government IDs by making it illegal to possess, traffic in, or use false or misleading authentication features for those IDs. According to the Act, term ‘false authentication feature’ means an authentication feature that is

genuine in origin, but, without the authorization of the issuing authority, has been tampered with or altered for purposes of deceit ;

is genuine, but has been distributed, or is intended for distribution, without the authorization of the issuing authority and not in connection with a lawfully made identification document, document-making implement, or means of identification to which such authentication feature is intended to be affixed or embedded by the respective issuing authority; or

appears to be genuine, but is not.

The provisions of this Act are incorporated in the PROTECT Act of 2003.