Sale per Aversionem Law and Legal Definition

Sale per Aversionem is a conveyance of all the immovable property that falls within the boundaries stated in a purchase agreement as opposed to a specified amount of acreage. In Sale per aversionem several items of property are sold in bulk. It is not a sale by weight or measure. The price is not fixed by acre or foot. The sale can be of several properties for a single price or a piece of land for a gross sum. For example, in execution proceedings several items of a debtor's property is seized and sale is conducted as a whole for obtaining higher price. Adjoining tenements are sold from boundary to boundary for a lump sum.

Following is a state law explaining the sale of a certain and limited body or of a distinct object for a lump price. “When an immovable described as a certain and limited body or a distinct object is sold for a lump price, an expression of the extent of the immovable in the act of sale does not give the parties any right to an increase or diminution of the price in case of surplus or shortage in the actual extension of the immovable”. [La. C.C. Art. 2495]