Salton Sea Restoration Act Law and Legal Definition

Salton Sea Restoration Act is a state legislation that provides for restoration at the sea. This Act was required because there were high salinity and water quality problems in Southern California’s Salton Sea. This Act helps in maintaining the agricultural, environmental and recreational values. This Act facilitates for the following objectives:

1.Restoration of long-term stable aquatic and shoreline habitat for the diversity of fish and wildlife that depend on the Salton Sea.

2. Elimination of air quality impacts from the restoration projects

3.Protection of water quality.Following is the part of the state statute (California) Cal Fish & G Code § 2932 showing the statute’s purpose:

1. Environmental and engineering studies related to the restoration of the Salton Sea and the protection of fish and wildlife dependent on the sea.

2.Implementation of conservation measures necessary to protect the fish and wildlife species dependent on the Salton Sea, including adaptive management measurements. These conservation measures is limited to the Salton Sea and lower Colorado River ecosystems, including the Colorado River Delta.