School of Allied Health Law and Legal Definition

The school of allied health is a public or private entity that provides different academic experiences, for attaining the goal of educating health care professionals. They train allied health professionals and medical personnel who are not physicians by giving special training to work in supporting roles in the health care field.

Pursuant to 42 USCS § 295p (4), the term "school of allied health" means a public or nonprofit private college, junior college, or university or hospital-based educational entity that:

(A) provides, or can provide, programs of education to enable individuals to become allied health professionals or to provide additional training for allied health professionals;

(B) provides training for not less than a total of twenty persons in the allied health curricula (except that this subparagraph shall not apply to any hospital-based educational entity);

(C) includes or is affiliated with a teaching hospital; and

(D) is accredited by a recognized body or bodies approved for such purposes by the Secretary of Education, or which provides to the Secretary satisfactory assurance by such accrediting body or bodies that reasonable progress is being made toward accreditation.