Security Sector Governance Center [USIP] Law and Legal Definition

The Security Sector Governance (SSG) Center is a component of the Innovative Centers of the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) that focuses on a critical element of sustainable peace.

The Center develops security forces and supervises institutions that are effective, legitimate, apolitical, and accountable to the citizens they are sworn to protect. These activities are commonly referred to as Security Sector Reform (SSR).

The functions of the Center include:

a. to strengthen the community of SSG experts through training, education, and public outreach;

b. to convene diverse organizations and provide neutral space for sharing information and perspectives on SSG policy and practices in Washington and in the field;

c. to build relationships with foreign organizations concerned with SSG and facilitate information sharing and best practices dissemination; and

d. to inform policy and decision-making on SSG through compilation of existing research and analysis