Service by Facsimile Law and Legal Definition

Facsimile service refers to a fast and reliable data transfer service whereby a notice or other documents may be transmitted to a facsimile machine maintained by the person on whom it is served at the facsimile machine telephone number as last given by that person on any document which s/he has filed in the cause and served on the party making the service. Service by facsimile transmission is complete upon receipt of the entire document by the receiving party's facsimile machine.

Facsimile is a form of telecommunication by which fixed graphic images, such as printed texts and pictures are scanned and the information converted into electrical signals for transmission over the telecommunication system.

The following is a state statute on service by facsimile:

Service by facsimile transmission shall be permitted only where the parties agree and a written confirmation of that agreement is made. Service by facsimile is an established and secure practice of service. Service by facsimile is complete upon completion of the facsimile transmission. [Minn. R. Civ. P. 5.02].