Service of Process Personal Law and Legal Definition

Service of process personal means service of a summons or other process of a court directly to the person named in a process. Here the process is delivered by hand through court personals to the person against whom the process is issued. Traditionally, service of process personal was the only method of service allowed by law because it was the most effective way of providing notice. Moreover, it was difficult for the defendant to attack its legality. Service of process personal is also known as personal service. In most lawsuits in the U.S. personal service is necessary to prove service.

In cases where a summons is to be served upon a corporation, or other business entity, personal service must be achieved by serving in hand the documents to the registered agent of such business entity. Some states such as Florida do not require the direct service of process to the person whose name is there in the summons. Where an individual refuses to accept such service, or flees, or closes the door then it will be presumed that such individual was positively identified as the person to be served. In such situation the process server can serve the summons by dropping either in the house or in their business place. Drop served service are also considered as a valid service.