Ships Husband [Maritime Law] Law and Legal Definition

A ship’s husband means a person who is responsible for providing maintenance and supplies for a ship in port. They act as the general agent of all the co-owners of a ship. Accordingly, they contracts on behalf of the co-owners for all necessary services, equipment, and supplies.

Some of the general powers of a ship’s husband includes:

to direct all proper repairs, equipments and outfits of the ship;

to hire the officers and crew;

to prepare and dispatch the ship for the intended voyage;

to have a proper master, mate, and crew, for the ship;

to meet the necessities of the voyage by furnishing provisions and stores;

to see to the regularity of the clearance's from the custom-house and registry;

to satisfy the contracts, and provide for the payment of the furnishings ;

to enter into proper charter parties, or engage the vessel for general freight, under the existing conditions;

to settle for freight and adjust averages with the merchant; and

to preserve the proper certificates, surveys, and documents; and to keep regular books of the ship in case of future disputes with insurers and freighters.