Short Sea Transportation Program Law and Legal Definition

The Short Sea Transportation Program (“Program”) is a federal program whereby, the Secretary of Transportation (“Secretary”) designates short sea transportation projects to be conducted under the Program to mitigate landside congestion. It is established pursuant to 46 USCS § 55601. The Program encourages the use of short sea transportation through the development and expansion of:

1. documented vessels;

2. shipper utilization;

3. port and landside infrastructure; and

4.marine transportation strategies by State and local governments.

The Secretary may designate a project to be a short sea transportation project if the Secretary determines that the project may:

1. offer a waterborne alternative to available landside transportation services using documented vessels; and

2. provide transportation services for passengers or freight (or both) that may reduce congestion on landside infrastructure using documented vessels.

The following are the objectives of the Program:

1.To promote the development of short sea transportation services;

2.To coordinate, with ports, State departments of transportation, localities, other public agencies, and the private sector and on the development of landside facilities and infrastructure to support short sea transportation services; and

3.To develop performance measures for the short sea transportation program.