Short Term Law and Legal Definition

Short term generally means involving or lasting a relatively brief period of time. What amount of time constitutes short term varies. Generally it is less than a year.

For example short term capital gain is the profit obtained from selling or exchanging a capital asset held for less than a specified period, usually one year. Short term loans are loans with a due date of less than one year, which is usually evidenced by a note. Short term debts are those debts and other liabilities that are payable within one year.

Cal Wel & Inst Code § 362.04 saying about use of short term baby sitters defines short term as no more than 24 consecutive hours.

Cal Ed Code § 45103 define a short term employee as follows:

(2) Short-term employee "means any person who is employed to perform a service for the district, upon the completion of which, the service required or similar services will not be extended or needed on a continuing basis. Before employing a short-term employee, the governing board, at a regularly scheduled board meeting, shall specify the service required to be performed by the employee pursuant to the definition of "classification" in subdivision (a) of Section 45101, and shall certify the ending date of the service. The ending date may be shortened or extended by the governing board, but shall not extend beyond 75 percent of a school year.

(3) "Seventy-five percent of a school year" means 195 working days, including holidays, sick leave, vacation and other leaves of absence, irrespective of number of hours worked per day.